Alexandra Fol

More Important Compositions:

"Fairies and Spirits" - Ballet in 4 scenes (1993);

"Clamour for inheritance" I and II - Two Trios for Two Violins and Piano (1993);

"Little mouse", "Why" - Two songs for Voice and orchestra (1994);

"Music making for four" - Instrumental theatre for string quartet (1998);

Piano concerto (1999);

"Almost serial" for Violoncello solo (1999);

Viola concerto No. 1 (1999);

"Soprano Ostinato" for Orchestra (2000);

"First among the Romans" - Instrumental theatre for Orchestra in 4 scenes (2000);

Septet "Challenge to Carter" (2000);

Nonet for Percussion (2000);

Violin and Trombone duet (2000);  WMA :: MP3

"An almost Bach - Toccata and Fugue" for Chamber orchestra (2000);

Violin concerto (2001);

Song for Piano and Mezzo-Soprano (2001);  WMA :: MP3

Song for Soprano, Piano, Vibraphone, one Timpan and Triangle (2001);

Three songs for organ and soprano (2001);

Two songs for piano and alto (2001);

Requiem for Mixed choir, Chamber Orchestra and Organ (2001);  WMA :: MP3

Symphony No. 1 (2002);

"Forbidden memories" - Song cycle for Contralto, Bass Clarinet in B flat/Clarinet in B flat, Viola and Violoncello (2002);

Viola Concerto No. 2 (2002);

"Frenzi" - Piano and Clarinet Piece (2002);  WMA :: MP3

"Cinderella - the fairy tale" - for narrator and orchestra (2002-2003);

"Purgatory" - Opera in 2 acts - (in progress);

Incidental music for "Red light-green light" - a short film for Image-Movement-Sound festival 2003: improvised live on the organ;

"Funeral Song" - Sextet for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Viola, Violoncello, Piano and Percussion (2003);  WMA :: MP3

"In H - Paganini Variations" - Violin and Percussion Piece (2003);  WMA :: MP3

"And This is a Fugue!" - an 8-voice fugue for two pianos (2004);

Cantata "In the name of..." (2004);

"A Swan Song for the Impossible Love" - a Bass Clarinet Concerto (in progress);

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